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Chapters we've covered

Chapter 01

This chapter covers our purpose and aims

Chapter 03

Mental health in graduate school (Jasmine Banks, Jessica F. Saunders)

In this chapter, Jessica and Jasmine  share their mental health experiences during grad school, and routes for moving towards one's personal concept of wellness.

Chapter 5

Navigating the Ph.D. with a disability (Sergio Marquez, Ajay Somaraju, Eric Chantland)

Sergio, Ajay, and Eric discuss living with narcolepsy, ADHD, and other disabilities while navigating grad school.

Chapter 7

Financial wellness and challenges during grad school (Chantal Martinez, Kate Long)

Chantal and Kate share their experiences with debt, “side hustles,” fellowships, moving expenses, rent hikes, and budgeting while earning their Ph.D.s.

Chapter 9

Revising your academic priorities (Juan Sebastian Castillo, Havi Tran)

Havi and Juan Sebastian share their experience and expertise adjusting their academic strategies and goals to succeed in the world of Ph.D. studies.

Chapter 11

Selecting and switching advisors (Elsa Bravo, GQ Collins)

In this chapter, Elsa and GQ discuss their experiences finding mentors, and then switching mentors (for Elsa) and programs (for GQ) in grad school.

Chapter 13

Bullying and harassment in graduate school (Anna Kallschmidt, Jaclyn Siegel, Jessica F. Saunders)

Anna, Jaclyn, and Jessica describe the experience of being bullied and/or harassed in academia.

Chapter 02

Moving away from home (Michael Spooner, Atefeh Karimi)

This chapter details Michael and Atefeh's  experiences of moving to Miami for grad school from Maryland, United States, and from Shahin Shahr, Isfahan, Iran, respectively.

Chapter 04

Working full-time during the Ph.D. (Danilo LeSante, Jonathan Spikes)

Here, Danilo and Jonathan describe how they each succeeded in earning their Ph.D.s while working full-time.

Chapter 6

Managing family responsibilities while earning the Ph.D. (Chelsea Krueger, Francisca Martinez, Randi Spiker)

Randi, Chelsea, and Francisca discuss parenthood and adult caregiving while earning their Ph.D.s

Chapter 8

University shock: When your grad university is significantly different from your undergrad (Zharia Thomas, Christina Soulios)

In this chapter, Zharia and Christina discuss differences between their undergrad and grad universities, including cultural and demographic shifts.

Chapter 10

Learning grad school norms as working-class students (Anna Kallschmidt, Alonzo Johnson)

Here, Anna and Alonzo discuss how they learned about and engaged with the academy as working class students.

Chapter 12

Finding secondary mentors and developing side collaborations (Sophie Maddocks, Lulu Gomez)

Sophie and Lulu describe how they found and cultivated relationships with collaborators aside from their primary mentor.

Chapter 14

Conclusion (Asia A. Eaton)

We conclude with broader analysis and thanks.

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