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Asia A. Eaton

As the editor of this book my name is Asia Eaton, and I am a feminist social psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Florida International University. My research explores how gender intersects with identities such as race, sexual orientation, and class to affect individuals’ access to and experience with power. My personal and professional purpose is to mentor diverse graduate students in the process of public psychology and social justice-focused research.


I’m a White woman and single mom, and am continually learning (and falling short) in my practice of anti-racism and other forms of resistance to intersecting social oppressions. Despite holding many privileged identities, I struggled with my mental and social well-being in graduate school.


As a scholar who has been recognized for valuing mentoring, I wanted to help create a resource for the growing number of diverse Ph.D. students around the globe.

Asia A. Eaton
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